Well, well, well… It just wouldn’t be a normal second week of school if something insane didn’t happen, right?

Last Tuesday, I was making my daily bathroom stop after lunch when I heard yelling (and lots of expletives too!) coming from down the hall. I instantly recognized the voice of a student who, without being too judgmental, I would expect this from. I raised my voice and told her not to talk like that. She yelled a few more words at another student and then immediately took off chasing her down the hall! Unfortunately, I had thought it would be a good idea to wear these cute strappy sandals with a small heel this day. It was obviously a bad move, since I ended up running (RUNNING! I do not run!) down the hall after this student. When I came around the corner, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Girl #1 had girl #2 up against a wall, behind a teachers desk, pulling her long hair and throwing punches. It wasn’t long before Girl #2 was doing the same thing. Another teacher and I managed to separate the girls, but it took a few more to actually get them down to the office. As I was walking away, I noticed my hands were shaking. My heart was racing and I was afraid – not for myself, but for these girls, who have so much more going for them than this.

Later I found out that the fight was over a boy, naturally. Girl #1 is supposedly pregnant and she was telling Girl #2 that her boyfriend was the baby’s dad. As I always say, dramatic! A few minutes after everything settled down, one of my coworkers emailed me, “Dramatic! You did great,” so I guess I can safely say that I survived my first girl fight.


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