Welcome Back!


Wow! I did not realize it’s been months since I last posted a blog. Well you see, the springtime got really busy and hectic, what with state testing and, you know, getting married! So, I am no longer “Ms. H” but now “Mrs. J” – yay! I had many hilarious stories and just as many rough times, but very little time to update.


So, this week begins my second (!!!) year of teaching – yes, I survived the first! I have a whole new crop of students and a few of the same from last year, too. On the third day of school, I decided to play a game with my students. I planned on bringing the board game “Taboo” from home, but naturally I forgot it in the kitchen. In a rush before the first morning bell rang, I found a similar game online – there’s one word for the class to guess and five words to avoid while describing that word. For example, “Firetruck” was the word to guess, but the words you can’t say were red, fire, hose, siren, and flame. So I had my students come up individually and try to have the class guess their word. My goal is to have the students work on their descriptive skills.

So, during my first class of the day, a (male) student is at my desk and I click for the next card…

Let me just preface what happens next with a small revelation I had. Apparently, in my 8am rush to get the ball rolling, I didn’t realize that this website takes user-created materials. So, for example, I could make my own “taboo” card and upload it to the game for anyone to use.

…the next card comes up on the screen and the teenage boy busts out laughing. I don’t really understand what’s so funny until I look at the screen and see the word CLITORIS in huge red letters across the top. My face instantly turns the color of said letters and I start frantically clicking the mouse until something more appropriate comes up. All this time, the student is hysterically laughing. The only thing I can think to say is, “Umm.. Pretend you didn’t see that!!”


Welcome back to school, folks!


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