Hunger Games… of Paper Copies


All of my students are so impatiently whining, “Is it Christmas break yet?!” and I’m like, “WORDDD.”

I don’t think they understand how much teachers need a break from school, too.

We (most of us, at least) really love our jobs. We do. But we have to put up with whining students AND demanding paper nazis administrators. No, we can’t run off copies for you, because we are being rationed. Like Peeta and his bread. We are the District 12 of paper copying. May the odds be ever in our favor… but they won’t because we can’t print them out. We have to listen to teenagers moan and groan for 8 hours of the day, and then stay up grading their illegible papers all night. We have to listen to those teens complain endlessly about exams, but we can’t print them a review sheet to study at home. Maybe we can claim tessarae and get our names entered into the drawing more than once? I doubt it though, because then they would have to print out the paper with our names on it. We are living in a modern day Hunger Games where paper copies are like money and bread to us District 12’ers and iPads are forced upon us like the Capitol guards. Maybe I shouldn’t be making that comparison, but sometimes it really feels a little too dystopic for my taste. It’s gotten to the point where people are “stealing” others’ copier ID numbers so that they can run off more copies than they are given without getting reprimanded by the Capitol Guards administrators.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop. I’m starting to sound like my students. Back to my original point – I think we are all in dire need of a break here. So when students express their eagerness for the break, we teachers CAN RELATE.


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