Dear John Green,


In the last few weeks, I’ve read The Fault in our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Looking for Alaska, and Paper Towns. I have also come to the conclusion that I can’t review your books. I can’t even get my thoughts in order enough to make a valid summary. The only thing I can come up with is, “This book is uhh… uhh… UH-MAZING.” I loved them all!

I read TFioS first, and immediately fell in love. It’s true what they say, you’ll cry. I knew I would cry, so I tried to mentally prepare myself as I read along but in the end, I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t a sad cry, or a happy cry either. It was a really fulfilling, emotionally cleansing cry. My fiance came into the room while I was reading the very last few chapters and he freaked out. He said, “What’s wrong?! Why are you crying so much? Are you okay!?!” I just held up my kindle and said “*sniffle* Reading… *sniffle*” and he got the picture. I am in love with Gus and Hazel, almost as much as Macy and Wes, which is really saying something.

Next I read Paper Towns and was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. I think I finished it in two days (including work, cooking, cleaning, etc.) Once again, amazing. I can’t write a full review without spoilers on this one so I won’t even try. There was a moment in the middle of the story when the three boys get to the abandoned strip mall… I kind of lost it. I had that feeling in my stomach like I knew what they would find and it just pushed me to keep reading. Overall, obsessed with this novel. I’ve already recommended it to my niece and she’s going to love it too.

Then I read Katherines and it’s another one that I’ve recommended to my niece, among others. It was more of a fun, easygoing read than Green’s other novels. I love how descriptive he is with his characters’ words. That feeling of “gutshot” that is felt while suffering from a broken heart is so true and real. Green’s descriptions make his stories very relatable, which is probably one of the main reasons I love his books. Also, I really loved his use of footnotes in this novel. It was a little more difficult on a kindle to go back and find where I was than it would have been in a hard copy, but I thouroughly enjoyed getting more insight into Colin’s thoughts.

Most recently, I read Alaska and I’ll be honest – it wasn’t my favorite. Something about Alaska and her mood swings kind of freaked me out a little. Also, the way Pudge idolizes her drives me a little nuts. I didn’t like the ending very much either – I wanted more answers! I know, I know, that’s the whole point of the ending, but I don’t care. I like solid resolution. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this book too, but it wasn’t my favorite.

In short, I am obsessed with John Green and his books. Also, I recently discovered the gold mine known as his website. So many questions answered! Also, so many funny blogs  and vlogs! I’ll share my discovery because I want the world to know and love him as much as I do.

You’re welcome.


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