eleanor & park




OH my, my. What a beautiful, heartbreaking novel. I recently finished John Green’s The Fault in our Stars (still haven’t brought myself to write a review on that masterpiece) so this one didn’t tug at the heartstrings like I thought it would. I really enjoyed the plot, for the most part. At first I didn’t like the way Eleanor is always so moody (GOD park!) but later I realized that it had something to do with her traumatic past and how she is constantly walking on eggshells in her own house. Can we stop for a minute and discuss how AWFUL her mother should feel? Letting that piece of shit Richie run the roost? I really can’t stand that guy! I really don’t like that I feel like Richie may have sexually abused the kids. Certain details made me feel like the kids were victims of molestation. For example, Maisie sitting on his lap, the kids reverting back to childish things like wetting the bed – these are all real life signs of that kind of thing happening. (Dear Rainbow Rowell, if you did that on purpose – NICE!) So anyway, I always felt sort of uncomfortable when she was in the house. I absolutely loved Park’s house and his family. The author set it up so perfectly, that I completely relate and understand why Eleanor liked to be there. I love that it never got inappropriate – these kids are only sixteen people! But I definitely felt the love these two shared. I’m not gonna lie though, when I first read the very end, I was a little confused. Three words? What three words? Then it clicked… and I was really happy. There’s hope for Park & Eleanor! 


Overall, I enjoyed the novel, but I do think it’s getting a little bit more hype than necessary. As I said, I just recently finished a John Green novel, so it’s hard for anything else to compare. 




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