Book(s) Review: Fallen Crest Series


I read the first book of the series, Fallen Crest High, a little over a year ago while I worked as a nanny. Two toddlers napping for 2 hours a day gave me plenty of time to read, so I finished this book in a few days. Now that I teach, I have less time to read for fun. Naturally, it takes me much longer to finish a novel than it did then.  I will do a quick review of the first book (or at least what I can remember) before jumping into the second.

Fallen Crest High – Tijan

Main character: Samantha Strattan. 17 years old, lives with her mother who is a little nuts. She finds out they are moving out of their house with her father – or at least who she thinks is her father – and moving in with her mother’s most recent conquest – a wealthy man in town. The two sons of her future stepfather are bad boys and known around town for their roughness. She is instantly, and naturally, intimidated by them but she doesn’t show it. She is a very strong character which is evidenced by her fierceness and the way she handles moving in with the Kade family.  When she stresses out she runs and runs and runs (literally, the girl runs for hours). Sam goes to school at Fallen Crest Academy, the ritzy private school in town, while Mason and Logan Kade go to the public school. Ahhh, the Kade brothers. *swoon* I really can’t blame the girls in the novel for fawning over these two. They’re rich hardasses with serious attitude, who develop a soft spot for Sam. They have a super protective bond with each other which soon includes Sam. They see her as  a new sister, friend, and potentially more?

Tijan does an exceptional job with this clever, witty story about young love and all the drama that comes with it. The chaos that surrounds the characters’ relationships and families is completely insane, but so very entertaining. A few grammatical errors which always drive me crazy, but the content made it all worth it. I loved how honest Sam was and I could really feel the way she changed when her mother was around. Overall, it was worth the read and I would definitely recommend it. **A few sexual scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Fallen Crest Family

Oh, let the drama begin. Or should I say continue… This girl is a magnet for boy drama, mama drama, and bitchy girl drama. I kind of feel for her. In the second book of this series, Sam is faced with many obstacles, from her seriously crazy mother, to her ex-almost-step-father, even to her future stepbrothers and boyfriend. Sam and Mason (yes, the future stepbrother) are officially together and they can’t seem to get enough of each other. They live in the same house, and not everyone approves of their relationship – including their parents. Mason and Sam and even Logan basically give everyone an “eff off” but that’s not working so well. Unfortunately, ultimatums are given and dirty threats are made and some futures are in jeopardy, but that doesn’t stop Mason and Sam from continuing their relationship. Even when Sam is haunted by a traumatizing event from the past, she still pushes forward and realizes that she is the only one who can potentially fix the problems with their families.

What I loved: the bond between the brothers and Sam. Also, I absolutely loved the new character they brought in, Heather. She is just the type of friend Sam needs. I don’t really know about Helen, the boys’ mother, but I think she stands up for her sons when they need her to. The whole Manny’s crew just makes my heart melt. They’re there for each other and they take Sam in when she needs them to most. The idea of a future between Sam and Mason and a future school year with only Sam and Logan. Where will their friendship go? How will Mason moving away to college affect their relationship? So many questions… Bring on Book 3.

What I didn’t love: The scenario between Sam and her mother when she was 11 is very strange and random to me. There was no mention of anything like this in the previous book, so it was sort of out of left field. Also, I didn’t like how steamy it got. I swear Sam and Mason are constantly going at it like rabbits. The way that Nate and the other guys seem to do everything Mason and Logan tell them to… I have a feeling it will all blow up one day. The social hierarchy of the kids in the schools kind of throws me off as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Tijan has a way of making the reader feel connected to the characters in a personal way. Even though it wasn’t my favorite, I would recommend this book to anyone wanting an easy, entertaining read. **Again, some sexual content that isn’t appropriate for young readers.

The third book of the series, Fallen Crest Public is rumored to come out in December 2013, so we will see how the rest of story unfolds…


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