Oh, Monday…


Mondays are always rough – at least Monday mornings are. Growing up, I always loved Monday mornings because I loved school. Now that I teach high school, I still love it, but I absolutely hate getting out of bed to go. I have this really warm, soft, goose feather down comforter and a fluffy body pillow, and my sweet furry pup cuddled up next to me and the last thing I want to do is leave that little piece of heaven every morning. Once I’m out of bed and moving, I’m good to go, but until that point… good luck. 


So my 0-4 football team did the impossible and won the Homecoming game Friday night! The final score was 27-13 and I couldn’t be more proud of those guys. The dance was exponentially more fun due to the fact that the team won, so that was a definite plus. There’s something so surreal about seeing all of the smiling faces of my kids out there having fun together on a Friday night. 


Onto Saturday. I had to wake up way too early to go to a teaching workshop (oh, joy.) but the up-side to that is that I definitely made a pit stop at Starbucks for a HUGE pumpkin spice latte. Another positive note is that I got to spend my 30 minute lunch break indulging in a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich AND waffle fries. (win!) After the workshop ended I had a few errands to run before heading home for a baby shower for my future brother and sister in law. I was in charge of picking up the cookie cake. The mall was extremely rowdy, so as soon as I got the cake I bolted. I was already running late (thanks, teaching workshop!!) so I was filling up with gas and heading out. While I was waiting for the gas to pump, I looked at the cake again and read the sweet words, “The big day is drawing near, Baby is almost hear!” —-WAIT, WHAT?! (DISCLAIMER: as an English teacher, it should be known that any and all grammatical errors give me high blood pressure and make me think bad things about people.) Did these unintelligent people seriously just misuse a homophone? “Hear” has the word “ear” in it… meaning that you HEAR something with your EAR. “Here” is a place, a direction. The baby is almost HERE. No, he can’t HEAR what you’re saying because he isn’t HERE yet!! I was so incredibly angry about this, but I had already picked the cake up and was heading to the party – there was nothing I could do. So, naturally, I made a joke about how the cake decorators could use a day or two in my class to get their homophones right.

The party ended up being amazing. We played some fun games and the guys made incredible fajitas. The night ended with mostly everyone playing dominoes and drinking beers. I say mostly, because I had nothing to do with dominoes since the A&M game was on. Obviously I was glued to the tv for a few hours. Then of course I spent my Sunday watching football as well.

This leads me to another reason I have an issue with Mondays. Football. I stay up late on Sunday night watching big games, as do my students, so we are all exhausted on Monday and no one wants to work. Then we come home and do the same thing for Monday Night Football. It’s a revolving door. Thankfully, I’m a genius first year teacher and I plan laid back lessons on Mondays to benefit both myself and my students. 


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