***New Addition to Teaching Teens!***


It should come as no surprise that as an English/Reading teacher, I absolutely love to read. Unfortunately, I rarely find time to indulge in a great book, but when I do, the Young Adult genre is my guilty pleasure. You’d think since I have a degree in English Literature that would be my favorite. But really, are you kidding me, I spent four (actually five – victory lap!) years studying that crap, why would I want to read it now for fun? There’s something so simple and easy about the YA genre that really captures my attention. I could seriously sit around reading YA books all day every day if I didn’t have to support myself with a job. I’m serious – ADED – all day, err’day. Bring on the teen angst and boy drama – I love it! Whenever I get time, I try read new books by random YA authors. I have a few favorites (cough, Sarah Dessen, cough) but I’m really up for anything. My sweet fiancé bought me a Kindle Fire for my birthday last year and I have definitely put that bad boy to good use. Since I’m living on a teacher’s salary, I often browse the “Daily Deals” section or the “Under $3.99” section of the store. I have found some really great books for under a dollar OR EVEN FOR FREE! So I’m by no means a book snob. Anyway, onto the actual point of this post (I’m obviously a little ADD)… I’m going to start including Book Reviews (!!!) to my blog. (DISCLAIMER: THESE REVIEWS WILL PROBABLY ALMOST ALWAYS MAYBE INCLUDE SPOILERS!!) I’ve never really written book reviews before, but it seems like simply talking to someone about a book and/or why you liked/disliked it. So, just as a head’s up, get ready for some reviews. 


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